Dave Wilson Band

Dave Wilson Band

AS at 7th  Feb,  2017 Hobart Blues Club

The Dave Wilson Band comes equipped with the vibe of the 60s British blues explosion combined with a little bit of Texas, Chicago and Swamp rock blues thrown in for some true American flavour.

The Dave Wilson Band features Casey Kostiuk on drums, Bob Tolputt on bass and Dave Wilson on guitar and vocals. Casey Kostiuk is a widely regarded drummer who also performs with Lee Kernaghan and Tassie’s own Wolf Brothers. Bob Tolputt or ‘bother Bob’ as Dave likes to refer to him as, is longtime bassist with Hobart band The Big Swifty. Bob has been involved in many a musical project including in the past The Southern Gospel Choir and 4 Letter Fish.

Dave Wilson is a professional music teacher and guitar tutor. Wilson’s guitar energy can be drawn from influences such as guitar greats Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and Dave Gilmour. Career wise alongside this namesake band, Dave can be regularly seen around Hobart in many musical acts such as 4 Letter Fish and That 80’s

Band.Dave has in the past has been involved with Hobart stalwarts Red House, The Mojo Daddies, Cake Walking Babies as well as performing alongside Tasmanian blues guitarist Pete Cornelius.