Future Gigs ( 1st Tuesday of the month)

Patron Saints 2 Jan 2018

Patron Saints

Blue Flies 6 Feb 2018

Billy Warner Trio 6 March 2018

As always, book ahead for a meal (03) 6223 5206 to avoid disappointment.


Next Gig Jan 2 2018 Patron Saints

Patron Saints

The Patron Saints hark back to the golden era of Chicago blues in the 1950s [Read more …]

Jammers welcome. Just let us know before 7:30 on the night (See  Conrad or Macka).

Gig starts 7:30 PM. If you would like a meal then booking a table well in advance is a must đŸ™‚

 Blues Underground October 2017 Gig

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Wahbash Avenue – 1st Nov Gig


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Jamers Welcome! If you play the Blues and would like to get up and perform a few numbers, our middle set is open to you. Just lets know before 7:30 on the night. You can contact our Secretary, Conrad or talk to a committee member before 7:30 on the night. We can usually arrange for you to play with a back line or others. Here’s our guide for Jammers